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purple turtle studios
artist statement

Lisa Glickman McDonough has considered herself an artist since childhood. 'The first piece of art I made was a linoleum print in third grade,' Lisa says. She carved and printed animals that she remembered seeing in Tanzania as a four-year-old. Since then Lisa has worked in clay, wood, and fiber; on mixed-media paintings and handbound books, and now, custom shoes for hard to fit feet. 


Excited by the juxtapositions of texture in her paintings, she uses collage, acrylic paints,  gold leaf, encaustic pigments, pastels, plant matter and some found objects. 

As she begins to design & fabricate shoes and sneakers, color, textures and whimsy are the guiding principles. One line being developed is focused on people with dwarfism; custom fittings and hand fabrication guarantee a good fit & comfortable shoe.

Lisa's  2-D work has been shown at a number of galleries, including Boulder Arts & Crafts, Boulder, CO; Blue Horse Fine Arts, Estes Park, CO; Lyons Town Hall, Lyons, CO; and Rabbit Mountain Cottage Furnishings, Lyons, CO. Java Joes Coffee Shop, Santa Fe, NM

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