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about lisa

Although born in Princeton, Lisa was raised primarily in the Philadelphia area. As a child, she lived with her family for short times in Israel, Tanzania, and South Africa. Each of these three destinations provided experiences in a new local community, local school, learning a new language, and the opportunity to make new friends. After attending Quaker elementary and high schools and spending significant portions of the school year abroad, she feels she has become a more broad-minded, tolerant person searching for solutions rather than dwelling on problems. Lisa loves the challenges of new adventures!


Following in the footsteps of her great-grandma Sarah, who ran a grocery store as a single mother, she enjoys entrepreneurial pursuits. Lisa has run her own art & bookkeeping business for several decades and a festival food vending booth for over 25 years.

Currently, Lisa is fascinated with, and loves making shoes, which began with a sneaker workshop in fall 2020. She has continued to learn about this craft through videos and in-person instruction. Using some tools that have not changed in centuries, adds to her intrigue with this ancient trade. Developing new friendships and partnerships opened her eyes to the specific shoe needs of people with dwarfism. Seeing a gaping hole in the shoemaking world for shoes that address the needs of PWD has led to this current venture, a partnership with Leslye Sneider.



Lisa enjoys traveling and immersing herself in nature as ways to rejuvenate the creative core. Living in the Rocky Mountains for many years has provided many beautiful & breathtaking spots and trips as inspiration. Exploring Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico yields new adventures, thoughts, and feelings to reconstruct into colorful, whimsical, useful art!

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