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purple turtle studios
frequently asked questions

  • What materials are used in your paintings?
    Acrylic paints & gold leaf always. Some work has oil paint or pastels incorporated, always listed. Most painting are on wooden or canvass substrates, or on Arches watercolor paper, (180 lb or 300 lb). Handmade papers, masking tape as resist, older cut up paintings, flown tibetan prayer flags, desert or mountain plant matter; sometimes and in different combinations.
  • What size are the original paintings?
    All sizes are listed on the SHOP page, most are either 12"x12" or 24"x24". Large Paper paintings are 24" x 30" Skinny Paper paintings are 8" x 30"
  • Are prints available?
    Yes. Please see my page on Here you can order my images on almost anything! From mugs to metal paintings to tote bags to shower curtains.
  • Is your work in any galleries?
    Not currently, if you have a suggestion for a good fit, please email me at Thank you!
  • Do you ever teach workshops?
    Yes, occasionally. I will announce any upcoming classes on my website, Instagram, and Facebook pages.
  • Links to artist friends in no particular order:
    Leslye Sneider Creative | Facebook
  • What materials are the shoes made out of?
    Found or purchased leather and various fiber fabrics; embellished with beads,fringe, and trimmings from around the world.
  • What is the process for ordering custom shoes?
    ~ Measure your feet ~ Pick the colors of leather and or fabric, choose all embellishments ~ Delivery timeframe set-up ~ Sign agreement & make non-refundable deposit ~ Completed pair is boxed & delivered ~ You open the box & enjoy your new shoes!
  • Is the work guaranteed?
    We guarantee to provide you the work you saw online. We insure all packages for maximum allowed insurance on art. Please follow our guidelines should you receive a damaged package as outlined in the shipping policy. We aim to provide a positive experience for all of our customers.
  • Do you ship?
    Yes, we ship USPS, UPS or FedEx. Shipping fees are assessed at checkout. Please email or fill out the contact form, with any questions.

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